me & wii

i have never been much of a geek (haha). no, seriously. i have never owned a gameboy, no c-64, no playstation, no supernintendo… and i was a happy kid. when i was writing my thesis, which was about computer games (kind of funny for a non-gamer ;), i got into this whole thing, but didn’t convert into a real gamer. but i learned a lot and since that time i have been really interested in computer games, because not everything is geeky and not all gamers are nerds. Nintendo Wii

i bought the nintendo ds lite in summer, which i really like. the concept is great and the new model looks very much like apple design. super mario is just sweet!

now nintendo launched the nintendo wii. and although i am not really into game consoles i am thinking of buying one. i guess nintendo’s plan of attracting people who haven’t yet played on consoles will work. sony and microsoft are more or less just feeding the nerds (cliché, cliché!). but let’s see…


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