me & wii

i have never been much of a geek (haha). no, seriously. i have never owned a gameboy, no c-64, no playstation, no supernintendo… and i was a happy kid. when i was writing my thesis, which was about computer games (kind of funny for a non-gamer ;), i got into this whole thing, but didn’t convert into a real gamer. but i learned a lot and since that time i have been really interested in computer games, because not everything is geeky and not all gamers are nerds. i bought the nintendo ds lite in summer, which i really like. …

i know mcdonald’s neighbors

i know mcdonald’s neighbors Originally uploaded by rena5. so, now i know. ronald mcdonald lives in munich. juliane and shawn are now living next doors. they have a great new apartment in schwabing. i went to see them on sunday after i stayed one day in mühldorf am inn to join hauke’s birthday party. i was the only so-called „ösi“ and apparently i was funny just when i opened my mouth to say something in „österreichisch“. the party was great and so was the food. günes and the girls prepared delicious fingerfood and i made what i can make best: …


le louvre Originally uploaded by rena5. so, paris, here i come. i still have about 10 vacation days left and not really a clue what to do. luckily katherina (my co-worker) has plans to go to paris over the weekend to visit friends. i find a reasonable flight ticket (250) online and a bed (not a room!) in katharina’s hostel called „young and happy“ in the quartier latin. the flight is more or less ok. kathi and her friend astrid from stuttgart are already in the city. our plan is to meet later in the evening after my young and …

me & flickr

ok…. i am now putting all my pictures on my flickr-account… so pls check out

new bravia ad

remember the cool sony bravia ad with the rubber balls? there is a new one. i actually like the old one more, but this one here here is also worth a look.