wii – have it!

what a lucky day!!! i got my nintendo wii!! without planning it. i just stepped into saturn today to buy something else. and then: i saw it. wii saw each other!!! i bought it. together with zelda (i heard it’s a classic – THE game!). wii are happy now. and my brother insists on paying for it as a christmas present. if i don’t hurt myself or destroy my apartment while playing i will write a review. merry christmas to you!

rhapsody in f***

what to do tonight? i need some distraction from my somehow exhausting work and have two opinions. plan A and plan B. the whole time in the streetcar i am changing between the two plans. meeting some people and drinking punch or going to a movie theatre. i am having a hard time making a decision. ok. i take plan C, which means my favorite kind of shopping: book shopping. i love books! unfortunately the book store is closing the moment i step into the it. what is fate trying to tell me with this? again: what to do tonight? …

mood music

what i hear when my mood is far from happy… and the other way around (something to make me sad…)


Robbie!, originally uploaded by rena5. already a long time ago, but i want to share this great picture with you. i was so close!!!!!!!!! 😉