juliane and i are always right

i can always trust in juliane’s taste of men and movies (read here). we were both certain from the beginning that daniel craig would be a perfect james bond. shame on all those lousy film critics, who bashed craig and made a complete turnaround when the new bond finally hit the movie theatres.

i was eagerly awaiting casino royale and tonight is finally bond night. i am meeting up with dieter and his gang (honzo and andreas) at haydn cinema to watch the movie. from the beginning it’s clear. this is not normal james-bond-style. the opening sequence is cool black and white and not super-unrealistic „i am base-jumping into a flying airplane with landing it“. you can also see a difference in the main titles. everything is reduced to vector graphics, patterns and playing cards. like it.

and so the movie is going on. better dialogues (love the scenes were bond and vesper are fighting with words), real blood and bruises. although it seems that sony made a good deal with placing tons of their mobile phones and laptops into the movie it’s not so silly-gadget-driven like the brosnan-bonds. the whole movie is very much about the character of james bond and not the action. one of my favourite scenes is when james is washing blood off his chest and hands after a fight. he looks doubtful and excausted. not sure if pierce could play the scene that great. stop. i am sure he could not.

what makes the movie so different to the ones before? james bond is so not perfect. and that’s great. in the first chase on madagascar he almost falls off the crane, gets his face in the dirt and looks sometime a little bit clumsy, but he is smarter and a hell-lot cooler than the other guy. i also think the main song from chris cornell is much better than madonna’s overproduced but underinspired die another day.

here is the music video (chris cornell from audioslave, very cool)

so what’s the bottom line? juliane and i are always right 😉 i really love the movie and recommend it.
and these guys are just silly: www.danielcraigisnotbond.com

i almost forgot one funny thing: the guy who plays the swiss banker in the movie helping james to wire the money back to M. (ludger pistor) is also in the movie theatre tonight.


  1. i guess i should get rid off my present tense writing. (thought i makes my blogs livlier 😉
    of course i saw the movie last night.

  2. i guess i should get rid off my present tense writing. (thought i makes my blogs livlier 😉
    of course i saw the movie last night.

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