so. i finally made it to munich to visit juliane. although i got up around 4.30 to drive all the way from graz to munich (arrived at 11) i was too late. too late? for what? on a saturday morning. yes. hours too late. to get in one of these famous tents on weekends you have to be at the „wiesn“ around 8. you get no beer outside a tent. and that’s the only reason to go the oktoberfest. with me: juliane and michael, her coworker. we waited one or two hours. totally lost my sense of time. after that …

blog back

ok. i am back. on blogging. it’s been a year since i a came back to austria. although it’s so very much the same, it’s totally different. time is fleeting. there is so much going on in my job, that i have no time to think. i am going to visit juliane this weekend. maybe that helps.