flying to buenos aires

i like flying. so i am looking forward to flying out to buenos aires. check-in, security, everything is smooth. from all the american airlines, delta is my favourite one. i actually don’t know why. i think the have the prettiest logo of all of them.

i see common (the rapper) walking by.

i arrive in atlanta and the first thing that i pay attention to is „many more obese people here…“ i find out that i have tmobile coverage (not so at jfk) and do some life essential twitter and facebook updates. not sure what backpacking was before without that…

i find my gate and i find a big group of noisy kids in red team outfits sitting in front of it. looks like a hyperactive hockey team is flying to argentina with me.

waiting… boarding… takes for ever, but we are still on time.

there is a weird argentinian dude sitting on my window seat, pretending to sleep so i can’t claim it back. backpacker rule #1 don’t take any sh** from anyone… i get my seat back in a second! haha.

i fall asleep within 5 minutes. i only wake up for food. (backpacker rule #2: get as food when you can, you never now how far away the next meal is!)