i oversleep the flight over buenos aires. the little bump of the landing wakes me up. great! i already missed something. backpacker rule #3: keep your eyes open everytime!

the first thing i do in a new country is always to check their sanitary facilities. your never know… pretty much ok, i can say. unfortunately i am now the last one in line for immigration. the whole hockey equipe is in front of me.

baggage claim: i unwrap my beautiful grey-yellow arcteryx backpack from its travelbag (this backpack will actually look like never used after this three months, it’s only allowed to travel with it’s coverbag if not on my back). i get an argentinian tourist passport and a map.

buenos aires 1

cash: the ATM speaks english. great!
where is the bus? apparently nobody else speaks english here. i try my best: „donde esta la linea ocho??????“ backpacker rule #4: learn some basic language skills, or you end up in the pampa!

i figure out where to go and even that i need coins for the bus. so i get a mccafe espresso and change. for 2 pesos i get on the bus #8.
it takes two hours to the city center and approximately 200 different people get on and off the bus. it’s interesting. the people are more or less poor people commuting to work. i am the only non-local.

also interesting: there are tons of dogs on the street and even a few cyclists. like 🙂

buenos aires 1

i get off in balvanera and walk to beatrice’s and kragen’s apartment.