rhapsody in f***

what to do tonight? i need some distraction from my somehow exhausting work and have two opinions. plan A and plan B.

the whole time in the streetcar i am changing between the two plans. meeting some people and drinking punch or going to a movie theatre. i am having a hard time making a decision. ok. i take plan C, which means my favorite kind of shopping: book shopping. i love books! unfortunately the book store is closing the moment i step into the it. what is fate trying to tell me with this?

again: what to do tonight? plan A is no longer available. back to an updated plan B. the departed in my favorite vienna movie theatre: haydn at mariahilferstraße.

it’s a scorsese-mafia-movie settled in south boston. leonardo di caprio is an undercover cop. very irish, very choleric. matt damon is a cop too but he works for jack nicholson (the mafia-boss). very phony, very slimy. leo and matt don’t know each other in person but they know of each other’s existence. so leo wants to find the mole – matt. and matt wants to find the rat – leo. jack is just evil and wants the rat get killed. that’s the story, and it’s exciting til the end. the cast is really great. if i summarize it: i have never watched a movie with more f***-words. a real rhapsody in f***. and all the head shots! blood all over the place. and nobody cares about it. where is the cleaner? (btw. my favourite cleaner was jean reno in the original nikita movie. salt acid. very practical.)

back to the departed. i give it 5 out of 5 stars. and scorsese should win this damn oscar this year. excuse me, but they gave one to james cameron for titanic! so please.