oracles, fluke or the by coincidence effect

i am a great believer in miracles. if i am not certain about something i go and ask an oracle. what that might be?

let’s say you’re not sure if your boss will give you a promotion before summer. and let’s suggest you are driving your car towards a crossroad. the traffic light is still green. then you ask the traffic light oracle. if you turn to blinking green before i pass you, it’s yes, if not no. that’s so easy.

and there are also the un-asked oracles. yes! for example today. i was listening to peter gabriel on my ipod, which i do rarely. at the same moment an ad in the newspaper i read appeared with a big article about peter gabriel. and he is not the most publicated person at the moment.

things like that always keep me thinking. is there something bigger out there? 😉