buying a backpack

i thought it might be a good idea to start my travelblog already when doing the preparations. i went to paragon tonight for the second time. they close at 8 so i don’t have much time after work to go through all the backpacks.

honestly, i think gigasport (the biggest sport store in graz) has a wider range of products than paragon in manhattan. not sure if new yorkers don’t do sports and hiking, but the choice is limited. it’s not that i want the fanciest backpack ever, but it should be good quality and i want to look at it without eye pain for more than a year. ok. ok. i want a cool looking backpack.

after trying a few ones, the one bettina recommended me was the most comfortable one. but they only had a ugly color. back at home i found the same one in decent grey for 100 dollars less.  so i have a backpack now, unless it doesn’t ship in time til i leave…

next things: trekking shoes, pants and a daypack for my camera….