exploring san telmo

beatrice and kragen are back in their apartment and i am on my way to one of the things a tourist should do while in buenos aires: exploring san telmo. that’s at least what the lonely planet says. of course without public transportation. i want to see something in between. san telmo is an old and cozy neighborhood (a barrio) in the southwest of buenos aires. i love the old colonial houses, the cool shops and small restaurants. buenos aires feels like an old european city to me. i think i could also be in madrid or barcelona. i end …

polls, polls, polls

ok. i added a polls widget to the sidebar. below the flickr pics. i don’t know how to put anything above the flickr pics. 🙁 i will have a poll every now and then when i want to ask you something about my travels. so please participate. your vote matters 😉 thx, verena.